There has been a total of 44 keys submitted by awesome people and claimed by people in need.

Thank you for visiting KeyShare

I have created this site to help users share their game keys without worry of bots collecting them

Giveaways have the option to apply restrictions like karma and account age

These are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED giveaway, with no random giveaway

The person who has created the giveaway is able to see the reddit account of who claimed it.

You are more than welcome to use this on other subs and not limited to r/GameDeals

Features for users that wish to share their codes

Ability to add restrictions (Minimum Link or Comment Karma and Account Age)

Keys will be publicly available to be viewed by other users who are logged in after 30 minutes for 90 minutes to prevent users from storing/selling keys

users will only be able to claim 1 key every 5 minutes to allow other users fair chance at getting keys

please also note, this is not officially linked to r/GameDeals or any other sub in any manner

the site is not responsible for any incorrect keys submitted, if there is any abuse, please report it to me directly on reddit

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